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Birding, Wildlife & Nature Tour

Sri Lanka is a biodiversity hotspot, home to over 160 endemic animal species and over 3,000 endemic plant species. Choose from a variety of thrilling wildlife safari options and be awed by exotic tropical animals and birds in their natural habitats. Catch a glimpse of the elusive leopard or sloth bear in our national parks. If you are a bird, wildlife or marine photographer, Sri Lanka is a must-visit destination. Even the world’s largest mammal, the 200-tonne blue whale, visits the warm tropical waters off the southeastern coast of the country. Enjoy the sight of ever playful dolphins frolicking off the coast of Kalpitiya. Baurs Travels are pioneers in birding, wildlife and nature tours. With years of experience and a passion for client satisfaction, we are your perfect partner if you want to experience the endemic fauna of this tropical island. We are the trusted local agent for many bird watching tour companies of Europe and the USA.

We provide you with a tour guide specialized in bird watching, wildlife safaris and nature, and you will be chauffeured in luxury vehicles on your tour.


Tour Guides

Dhammithra Samarasinghe

Ferns and orchids, butterflies and birds, snails and lizards, be it Botany or Zoology he has been a key member of many research teams.


Wildlife sure runs in his veins. Born and bred in the Leopard country of Wilpattu (his father was the then warden of the National Park)


Hails from the village of Bundala the wader country. Naturally he flocked with the migratory gatherings from a very early age.


With an enthusiasm brought from childhood, koushalya has been a birdwatcher & an animal lover since he was 13years old.