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Trincomalee/ Nilaveli

Visit the 5th most beautiful natural harbour in the world…

Trincomalee is a port city on the east coast of Sri Lanka, about 110 miles northeast of Kandy. The city is built on a peninsula, which divides the inner and outer harbours. It is one of the main centers of Tamil speaking culture on the island. Historically referred to as Gokanna, or Gokarna it has been a sea port that has played a major role in maritime and international trading history of Sri Lanka.

Nilaveli is the closest that Sri Lanka gets to the Maldives. The beach is composed of fine, powdery white coral sand where you can wade out to sea at waist depth for hundreds of feet in some places. The long stretch of beach starts from the hamlet of Uppuveli, just to the north of Trincomalee and continues through Nilaveli to Kuchchaveli after which the jungles of the north of the island take over.

During the summer season from May – September, the East Coast beaches of Sri Lanka can justifiably lay claim to being some of the finest in the world. The famous beach at Nilaveli lies about 10km to the north of Trincomalee, the legendary maritime base with a history spanning visits by the Duke Of Wellington and Horatio Nelson to an audacious attack by Japanese Zero fighters during the Second World War.